AIR COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION STANDARD INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL MULTI-TENANT LEASE - GROSS Basic Provisions Basic Provisions. The parties hereto have executed this Lease at the place and on the dates specified above their respective signatures. Executed at On By LESSOR By LESSEE By Name Printed Title Address Telephone Facsimile Email Federal ID No. BROKER Att Broker/Agent BRE License NOTICE These forms are often modified to meet changing requirements of law and industry needs. Always...
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Hi everyone this is Peter Harris from commercial property advisors comm and co-author of this book commercial real estate investing for dummies as well as coach and mentor to many commercial investors all across America the subject and title of today's video is called the master lease agreement for commercial real estate so let's get started the master lease agreement is probably my one of my most favorite ways to buy commercial real estate especially if you have no experience you have no credit you have a very small down payment but most of all you don't want to do banks and it works with apartments with office buildings with with strip centers with mobile home parks it was sub storage so pretty much anything commercial where is income involved the master lease agreement will most likely work one of the most famous master lease deals you ever come across is New York's Empire State Building now that building that particular building has a current master leases over a hundred years old and here's how it happened the original owner sold it to Prudential Insurance Company person came along in 1961 and offered Prudential a one hundred and fourteen year master lease agreement where they will pay Prudential two million dollars per year back then else a lot of money so Prudential signed off on it and they went into agreement with this new investor fast forward till today the payments are still two million dollars but the income is six million dollars so do the math six million dollars in income every year with two million dollars in payments that's a four million dollar profit per year so that is still ongoing today all right so that's probably the most famous mass release agreement deal you're probably ever going to hear us all right and I know what you're thinking you're thinking Peter I can't myself put a national base on a building that size and you probably right but what's stopping you from using the mass release on your first 12 unit apartment building or a small strip center or even a mobile home park or how about my produce a joke who use a mass release to secure his first deal which was a 168 unit apartment deal and I'll get to that shortly so here's how the mass lease agreement works you would buy the property from the owner and with a small or zero down payment and at closing what you would get is what we call equitable title not legal title equitable title which entitles you to all the cash flow all the tax benefits you have to take care to day-to-day operations of the property and pay all the bills and the best part is when you sell the property you get all the profits at the set price so basically when you set the terms well basically the terms of the mass release are are set in stone so whatever value you can increase with them on their property with during the mass release is yours to keep for example do you raise your rents and raising cash flow that's yours if you increase the property value by doing improvements and increase the...